Online Workshop: Music Rituals

Need new ways to help children focus or reduce stress? Struggling with transitions?

Learn how to create calm and reduce anxiety through music-based rituals and activities in your home or (virtual or in-person) classroom!

This 1-hour, on-demand workshop focuses on why and how music can mitigate tough transitions, support routines, and counteract children’s negative emotional and physical responses. Plus, we share engaging and fun activities you can use every day to boost social-emotional development and maintain a positive learning environment. 

You’ll learn:

  • WHY routines are important for children
  • HOW to infuse music-based activities throughout the day to support routines and transitions
  • HOW to identify children’s individual needs and pair them with appropriate activities
  • HOW music and movement support all areas of early brain development

You’ll receive:

  • Examples of practical, fun, and engaging music-based rituals and activities 
  • A certificate of completion
  • Printable resources to help you implement newly learned strategies

Whether you’re at home, teaching virtually, or leading an in-person classroom, music and movement can completely transform learning outcomes for the better. Join us for a self-paced hour of “aha!” moments and practical ways you can use the power of music and movement to bring relaxation, learning, connection, and joy into any space.

Participants have 90 days to complete this training.

24.95 USD

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